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Discover the best artists and events in your city and all over the world.

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Dec 31st 8:00 Pm - Jan 1st 3:00 Am
100 Park Blvd,
San Diego, CA

Fan Features


Discover Artists and Creators from your city and all over the world.  Curate the best tracks by location, popularity, genre and more.


Follow Artists and Performers to see where their next show or party is. Explore the interactive map to see event details and RSVP.


Help your favorite artists directly by tipping and supporting them at their events. They'll be sure to send the love right back.



Artist Features


Upload your tracks and albums from your phone or iCloud directly to WaveStation.  Your music is posted on your city's local feed. Promotion for Global distribution is available with WaveTokens.

02 / HOST

Post your next concerts, parties, and events to your followers all on WaveStation. Up the ante for your next big event and make it public with WaveTokens.


Fans can directly support you to help turn your talent into a viable career. Fans are able to donate you WaveTokens that you can cash out to your linked PayPal.



Birthed in San Diego, WaveStation's creation was inspired by the early Hip-Hop communities in Uptown New York during the 1980s. Artists and MCs during this time displayed their musical talents within their neighborhoods and became known throughout the communities as the pioneers of Hip-Hop. WaveStation's purpose is to serve as the platform and foundation for aspiring artists and the music community that supports them.